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Server Control Center Features

The VPSLink Server Control Center makes the management of your Virtual Private Server faster and easier than managing a machine sitting on your desk.

Start/Stop/Reboot Control: Start, stop, and reboot your VPS on-demand
Change Root Password: Reset your server's root password at your convenience
Web-based Shell Access: Configure and manage your server through the control center with shell access from your web browser
Operating System Control: Select the operating system you would like to install and it will be ready in moments
VPS Upgrade: Fortify your server with extra RAM and disk space on the fly - without speaking to a salesman
Licensing Options: License industry-standard control panel cPanel
VPSLink DNS: You have full control over your Virtual Private Server's DNS with free VPSLink DNS

Ready to put these features to work for you? Find an affordable OpenVZ VPS or Xen VPS hosting plan and take control.