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Support Policies

In addition to the VPSLink Terms and Conditions of Service, Service Level Agreement, and Acceptable Use Policy, our Support Policy has a direct relationship to the service you can expect at VPSLink.

VPSLink is able to offer our extremely low prices by adhering to the support policy outlined below. This is an unmanaged service, which means that you are expected to be able to administer and troubleshoot all aspects of your account.

We always support:

We cannot support:

If you need assistance with an unsupported task, try the VPSLink Community - our wiki provides many comprehensive guides, and our forum members will often assist with technical questions.

In addition to the support resources available from the VPSLink Community, you will find that the Open Source development community readily provides documentation, mailing lists, bug trackers, and discussion forums for the applications you will use on your VPS.

VPSLink's Supprt links

VPS Backup Restoration

You are strongly encouraged to maintain your own backups as a part of regular system administration, however, VPSLink does maintain VPS backups for use in the event of hardware failure.