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This guide assumes that you are not running your own DNS server. Control panels like LxAdmin and WHM / cPanel run their own DNS services. Refer to the LxAdmin / HostInABox documentation, cPanel DNS documentation, or other documentation specific to your control panel.

The and nameservers are not configured to respond to recursive queries and should not be used as part of any /etc/resolv.conf configuration.



Standard NS

Using the VPSLink DNS Manager

Getting to the Domain DNS Manager

Log into and click on "Domains" from the "Services" drop down menu at the top of best weight loss the page.

Adding A Domain

  1. Click on the Add Domain link and enter the Domain name in the Name: field. If don't know/don't have a preference for TTL: it's okay to put in 600.
  2. Once that's done. Click on Add Record>> and it will add the domain and respond with a confirmation of "your domain has been created"

Edtting A Domain

After your domain name has been added (see Adding A Domain section.), your domain will be listed on the list of domains that you'll see when you first clicked Domains under Services. To edit them, click on Edit besides the domain name.

New Resource Record

Clicking on New Resource Record will allow to add a new dns record.

Editing Existing Records

When editing existing records, the Name: field will already be populated. The name will have a dot at the end if it's the full domain (i.e. "" will show up as "") while subdomains will just be the name of the subdomain. (i.e. "" will simply be "subdomain" notice the lack of a period at the end.) You are free to edit the records however you wish and click save when you're done.

Sample DNS Configuration

Name Type Address TTL Weight A 86400
* CNAME 86400 MX 86400

Reverse DNS

With the advent of the new control panel (still in production), you'll be able to enter your own rdns records without submitting a ticket.

  1. Login to
  2. Mouse over the Services menu on top and click on Reverse DNS (or click on the tool bar icon at the bottom of the webpage).
  3. Once there, fill in the appropriate domain name to the appropriate ip address. Make sure to fill in the TTL (if you don't know, 600 is fine) and click Save
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