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Security Best Practices

This article describes standard Security Best Practices for Linux servers and provides basic instructions for securing a virtual private server against most common attacks.

User Accounts

SSH Configuration

Additional Linux Security Resources

See the Security category for security guides on the VPSLink Wiki.

Linux Distribution Security

If you have an active interest in securing your VPS, you should follow up with recommendations specific to your distribution and recommendations for any daemons or applications which you use.

Security Applications

Applications geared toward security are an invaluable asset - consider installing an auditing tool and an intrusion detection system to automate monitoring and test your system's configuration.

  • Bastille - Security auditing and configuration tool
  • Samhain - File integrity checker and intrusion detection system
  • SentryTools - A host-level security suite used to protect against port scans, automate log file auditing, and detect suspicious login activity
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