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Linux Command Reference: apt-get (Debian, Ubuntu)

apt-get is the command-line driven interface which powers the aptitude package manager on Debian-based Linux distributions (including Ubuntu and other derivatives).


Using apt

Use apt-get to install new packages, upgrade installed packages, and remove packages.

To locate package names, use apt-cache search <search_string> (where <search_string> is the partial name of the package) or visit the project website for your distribution.

Note: Running apt-get requires root privileges - use sudo if you are not logged in under the root user account.

Before installing new packages, enter apt-get update to request the latest lists of available packages from repositories specified in your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

Basic apt-get Functions

Advanced apt-get Functions

Help and Manual

Enter apt-get help to view all command-line options, or enter man apt-get to view the manual.

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