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HOWTO: Fix Missing ubuntu-minimal dependencies for Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft)

(See also this forum thread)

As you will probably soon notice, the OpenVZ template install of Edgy Eft does not include upstart, as upstart is not currently compatible with OpenVZ (see this thread for details). This means that the meta-package ubuntu-minimal is not installed, which makes future (in-release) upgrades of the system very difficult. Hopefully, there will soon be a patch to OpenVZ which resolves this issue; in the mean time, the solution is to create a dummy package which resolves the missing dependencies.

For note, the following packages are missing in the template:

startup-tasks system-services upstart upstart-compat-sysv upstart-logd

Note: This worked for me, but I cannot assure that this will work without issue for you. My best advice is to take these steps when you first get your vps system, so that you are not invested in the install working; if this doesn't work, you can always queue up for a reinstall.

Firstly, install equivs

sudo apt-get install equivs

Make a directory for our dummy package, and create the control file for the package

mkdir dummy-upstart; cd dummy-upstart
equivs-control dummy-upstart

Now, replace the contents of that control file with the following:

### Commented entries have reasonable defaults.
### Uncomment to edit them.
Section: misc
Priority: optional
Standards-Version: 3.6.2

Package: dummy-upstart
Version: 1.0
Maintainer: You! <>
# Architecture: all
# Copyright: <copyright file; defaults to GPL2>
# Changelog: <changelog file; defaults to a generic changelog>
# Readme: <README.Debian file; defaults to a generic one>
# Extra-Files: <comma-separated list of additional files for the doc directory>
Description: Dummy package to make up for missing upstart on OpenVZ

Now create the deb and install it

equivs-build dummy-upstart
sudo dpkg -i dummy-upstart_1.0_all.deb

Now lock the package to prevent these packages from being installed later

sudo echo "dummy-upstart hold" |sudo dpkg --set-selections

Note: I have no idea whether this method for locking packages actually works. Whenever you upgrade, make sure none of the packages we're providing in this dummy package are in the list for installation or upgrade. If they are and you install them, your system will most probably cease working.

Now that that's done, we should be able to install ubuntu-minimal without issue. Note: If apt-get prompts the install of any of those packages mentioned above, this has not worked correctly, and you want to say no to the upgrade.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-minimal

Assuming all goes well, we can now update without issue

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

(Adapted from this apt how-to)

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