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Gentoo Security Essentials

This guide contains tips to secure your Gentoo system using the Gentoo Linux Security Advisory (GLSA) checker which is included with every Gentoo installation.


Use glsa-check

glsa-check is command line tool that checks whether your packages with known security vulnerabilities are installed on your system.

Install glsa-check

Enter emerge gentoolkit To install gentoolkit.

Scan for Vulnerable Packages

GLSA advisories are downloaded with portage. Before you use glsa-check, run emerge --sync to sync portage.

To begin scanning, enter glsa-check -t all

If glsa-check does not detect any vulnerable packages, the following result will display: This system is not affected by any of the listed GLSAs

If vulnerabilities are detected, GLSA's will be listed as follows:


Enter glsa-check -d <GLSA_IDENTIFIER> to view the advisories for each GLSA or enter glsa-check -d affected to view all advisories at once.

Please be aware that glsa-check is still beta software and will eventually be integrated into emerge and equery tools.

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