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Custom Linux Environment - Part 00 - Prologue


About the author

At least, the original author of this series so far.

I'm shadows. You can call me JMD. I've just stuck the first two articles up. I figured I'd explain my purpose in doing this.

My History of Slackware Linux

I've been around a long time. You could say I just popped into existance about the same time slackware started to get recognition, over ten years ago. The linux kernel was at version 1.1.something, slackware 3 quickly became huge news, and everyone did just about everything by hand frequently, because there wasn't any other way. We've come a long way since then, but from time to time I enjoy creating a completely custom environment. I looked at my new VSPLink1 account that I gave up a cup of starbucks for, and then I saw the request for people to write wiki articles.

Why I wrote this

When I saw that want ad, I figured, "Why not? First thing I want to do is create a custom environment. Many people now who want to get involved in slackware find that there is a great lack of information on the techniques and process involved in "doing slackware right". Since Slackware is designed, above all else, to be what you want it to be (Assuming you can mold it into that), I figured it was ample opportunity to write these articles.

The Goal

My goal is pretty simple. I'm just over here having fun playing with my VSPLink1. I'm writing it down because ultimately it amuses me to do so. I'm a very simple person, with very simple drives - I'm usually driven by obligation, honor, curiosity, and amusement, in essentially random order. You'll find the tone in the articles varies greatly - Sometimes I'm writing things that amuse me, sometimes I'm very terse. This is a normal thing with me. Besides, nobody can successfully be funny all the time, so I don't try.

The Process

In Article 1, I do a lot of explanation and handholding. "Use this program, go here, get this, here's directions." By article 2, I'll simply say, "Go find this package. I used this version." Because, some people prefer ftp, some people prefer wget, and a couple of people might have compiled their own copy of ncftp or lynx. Who knows? Article 03 will cover all the accessories needed in a full environment where you compile anything from CVS code to random snippets of C. Article 04 will cover security. Article 05 will cover creating a living environment, i.e. turning the system into a place you'll ssh into regularly. Now, a couple things I would like to point out; I'm doing this my way, with programs I use. If you want to use something else, by all means go ahead. I'm much more interested in detailing a thought process out over time, and exhibiting it in different situations. The things covered will get more and more complex as you proceed throughout the articles. I'm sure within a few days I'll be upgrading to a larger account, because I'm going to compile more things. For example, to compile php you need 300MB of free memory - that means a Link4 account. You can follow along or not, or detour anywhere you so desire. Perhaps I'll cover connecting to a remote mysql machine through a reverse ssh tunnel, for those with powerful machines at home stuck behind an ISP firewall. Who knows?

Whatever I do, I'll be having fun. You're welcome to come along for the ride - I tend to cover many random things that I enjoy, and go sideways whenever I feel like it. I try to be educational, and hopefully you can enjoy the ride. All articles have discussion pages, please, feel free to discuss or to edit errors out.

Conditions of Adapting this for Other Usage

I'm putting these here on VSPLink's wiki. Here's how I'd like these articles be treated:

The following work is made available by the author, me, shadows (aka jmd) under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. You can find the actual legal code here. As far as Attribution goes, if you remix or alter this, keep my name at the top of the page as the original creator. If more then one person adapts this, each person puts their name in next, so it goes "Originally created by shadows (aka jmd), then remixed by second_guy, then edited for readibility by third_guy" and whatnot. I'm putting this at the beginning, because I'd prefer to do more then promise I didn't rip this off.

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